Melanie Applying Makeup for PUR Cosmetics at the Shopping Channel

Melanie Applying Makeup for PUR Cosmetics at the Shopping Channel


Dual Certified Professional Makeup Artist

I strongly believe that makeup is one of the most impactful ways to express yourself. Everyone's idea of beauty is different and individual to them, whether that is all-natural to full glamour. Your face is the first thing others see when connecting with you for the first time. Creating a positive first impression of oneself is so important and easy to achieve. Each and every application I do is specifically tailored to that persons' personality, image, skin type, and style. I thrive on my clients feeling as beautiful and unique on the outside as they do on the inside. 

I am a Toronto based Makeup artist who is highly active as an industry influencer working with many tv stations, commercial brands, photographers, designers and models with work seen in several magazines, print, fashion shows, newspapers, television, the oscars and growing.  I Have also partnered with PUR cosmetics as their Celebrity Makeup artist to design their "PRO Lashes" collection.

My love for makeup is based on my passion for art. When I was into arts as a child I often painted and drew portraits of pictures I saw in magazines. As a young teen I suffered from Severe Cystic Acne and I started to research skin conditions, treatments, and was constantly trying to find ways to conceal it. Through these experiences I moved on to eventually become certified as a Professional Makeup Artist by Versailles Academy in Ottawa and certified as an advance artist by the Pro school or Makeup in toronto.




Film & Television

  • Shopping Channel –Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist (Aug 2013 to present) 

  • PUR MINERALS, VITA LIBERATA  - Makeup Artist for live demos

  • HEROES - Makeup Artist for wound simulations

  • E Talk –Makeup Artist for live interview with Hereith Paul (New face of Maybelline)

  •  CP24 - performance by Jacelyn Holmes

  • Americas Next Top Model Premier in collaboration with Nylon Magazine hosted by Tyra Banks


  • ELEGANT WEDDINGS Magazine "Romantic Garden wedding at Graydon Hall" 2016

  • KROWD Magazine "Issue No. & Adrenaline Editorial July 2016"

  • 1968 Magazine " Editorial Ft Ataryn - Venice Beach March 2016"

  • INSTITUE Magazine " California Girls" March 2016

  • SHE SPOKE Magazine Cover Ft. Trish Stratus Dec 2015

  • INSTITUTE Magazine "Not that kind of girl" Nov 2015

  • INSIDE FITNESS Magazine "HOT 100" Winter 2015

  • FLIRTS Magazine "Dirty Laundry" Nov 2015, "Rescue me" ,"The best of everything"  "Nothing to wear" Dec 2015

  • JUST BREEZIES Magazine "VENUS" Oct 2015 - Editorial and Article on me as an artist

  • PREFERRED Magazine - Chef Mark McEwan & Chef Suser Lee Fall/Winter 2015

  • VILLAGE LIVING Magazine - ISSUE No. 15/ JULY 2015


  • JUDD TANK Magazine Spring/summer 2015 Editorial

  • 1968 Magazine Summer 2015 Editorial

  • FAVE Magazine Spring 2015 Editorial & Official Beauty Editor

  • REMARK Magazine Editorial Jan 2015

  • Ottawa Citizen Style (Newspaper) Editorial March 2015

  • LA GAZETTE Montreal (Newspaper) Editorial March 2015

  • FASHION SHIFT UK Magazine Editorial Jan 2015

  • FAVE Magazine Winter 2015 Editorial

  • STRATEGY Magazine Cover and Editorial Canadian Tire CEO

  • MUSCLE MEMORY Magazine Cover & Editorial

  • SWEAT EQUITY Magazine Fitness Shoot

  • SWAGGER Magazine Cover & Beauty Editorial Jan 2014

  • VULKANMagazine Cover & Editorial "Shadows and Highlights" Nov 2014

  • REMARK Magazine Cover (SS 2014) & 2 Editorial Spreads (SS 2014)

  • FAVE 2.3 Cover of Beauty & Editorial Spread SS 2014)

  • FAVE 2.2 Editorial spread and 4 page interview

  • Venao Swim 2014 Swimwear Campaign /lookbook

  • CHLOE Magazine Runway Show published in Nov/2013 issue

  • FLANNEL Magazine Published in Oct/2013 fall issue

  • ADONE  Magazine Gilda Furgiuele featuring Amber Watkins swimwear

  • J’ADORE Magazine /Carnival Nations Caribanna promo 2013

  • Belmaica Swimwear Online Store / Look Book

  • Elle hardware Promo work

  • Hillary Macmillan Online Store / Look Book

  • Lilac Lingerie Store West Fest Store Promotion /Store Catalogue

  • Genvieve Lima Online Store/ Look Book (fall/summer 2014)

  • TNZ Magazine Interview publication online magazine

  • We did it fashion show Campaign/promo & print work


  • New York Fashion Week 2014 - Team lead

  • TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) 2014

  • Miami Fashion Week 2014

  • Toronto Fashion Week (World Mastercard) - Letter of recommendation from IMG

  • Ottawa Fashion Week (2010-2014) 

  • Zareinu 10th annual Fashion Show

  • Runway for Hope Chairty Show

  • We did it fashion show Charity Show

  • Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation (2013) Charity fashion Show

  • Winterlude kickoff / CTV News 


  • Nicole Williams
  • Erika Mena
  • Keisha Chante
  • jessica Mulrouney
  • Ana Golja
  • Nene Leakes
  • Jeanne Beker
  • Chef Mark McEwan
  • Chef Suser Lee
  • Brian Bailey
  • Trish Stratus
  • Particia Velasquez
  • Wolfgang Puck
  • Khloe Terae
  • Jessica Burciaga
  • Chef Curtis Stone
  • Keith Carlos 
  • Sonya Esman
  • Kimberley Newport-Mimran (Pink Tartan)

Other Contributions/ Events

  • The Oscars - Makeup For Allison Mang and Marc Cormier
  • The School of Professional Makeup - Social Media and Marketing Expert
  • Corona - Sunset Beach video shoot
  • Digital dreams - Creative director of makeup and hair for performers
  • GUMBALL 3000/ Painted Faces by Kameco Beverley Hills (Atlanta & NYC)
  • HENRYS Exposure Toronto 2014 / Wetscott Lighting 
  • Hello Canada Launch Party - Makeup and hair 
  • Fave Magazine - Beauty editor
  • L’Oreal LUXE (Lancôme) Pro Makeup Artist 
  • Clinique Makeup Artist / Beauty Advisor


  • The Professional School of Makeup - Advanced Artistry and Airbrush (2013)
    Also Featured as guest teacher
  • Versailles Academy (2010) - Professional Makeup Artist


As a leader in the beauty and fashion industry, I have had the privilege to work with Mélanie. Mélanie has been one of our continuously selected artist for Ottawa Fashion Week's beauty team. Her incredible talent as an artist and dedication in the fashion industry is remarkable. You are reliable and your level of professionalism is outstanding in your business etiquette and how you respect your coworkers, the models, your employer, your clients and your environment in general. Your talent as a makeup artist is exceptional. Your creations are beautiful and the expertise you mastered in creating looks and transforming people is simply mesmerizing. It's always a pleasure for me to work with you and this is just the beginning. You are also a great asset to The Loft Toronto. Sylvie loves working with you."

Bruno Racine,  CEO The LOFT Ottawa - Toronto, Entrepreneur of the year RGA, Creative Director Ottawa Fashion Week

Being in the industry for over 10 years, I have found it very rare to work with a makeup artist that not only matches my expectations, but exceeds them. That is the case with Melanie.

Melanie is extremely talented but that's not the only reason her work is so amazing; her creativity and intuition puts her in levels far above the average makeup artist and it is my belief that without creativity and intuition what you get is mediocrity; those natural abilities cannot be taught.

Melanie is extremely easy to work with. She's professional, punctual, versatile, neat, genuine, and she takes direction perfectly well and the results are always beautiful and flawless. Melanie sees your vision and watching her work to make your vision a reality is incredible as it becomes more and more apparent that this is not just her profession, instead, it's her passion.

Of the dozens of makeup artists I have worked with over the years, I can confidently say Melanie is among the very few that I would trust with any project I am working with my eyes closed. I look forward to working with her as often as I can in the near future, she is truly like none-other and I am both excited and proud to see how far she will go.

Keep up the amazing work Melanie, you've got something really special.

Jasana Alleyne – Editor-In-Chief, J'Adore Magazine.  

I have had the extreme pleasure of knowing and working with Melanie for a few years now in the fashion industry and her excitement, enthusiasm and pure love for makeup artistry shines though in all she does. Not only is she an inventive, stunning and a stylish woman, she is also very positive, clever and humble and has always exceeded any expectations. With her tenacity and talent she will no doubt go far. XX

Lyz Plant, MUA, TIFF, Toronto Fashion Week, Ottawa Fashion Week


Melanie is such an absolute pleasure to work with! Being in her chair and having your makeup makeup doesn't just feel like part of the process, it's fun and entertainment in itself because she's such a genuine and interesting person to talk to! I get excited when I see her name on the call sheet and hope to work with her again soon!

Sonya Esman - Model (Plutino Group) / Fashion Blogger / YouTuber


Melanie Viger is an extraordinaire. MUA. Her talent boggles my mind. She has created looks that truly bring awe to the runway and to fashion Magazines. Melanie is a true professional who really makes a difference

Sid Cratzbarg, Aristocrat Of Scent


Melanie is a superb makeup artist, I have had my makeup done by many artists and Melanie's skill level is for sure at the very top. She can transform anybody to pretty much any look they want it's crazy!

Chelsea Boisonneault, Owner of Free Form Fitness, Fitness Model


Melanie is a calming influence for models.  She contributes to a great experience.  Melanie takes great care to treat a model's skin and hair carefully.  We are poked and prodded by make-up artists and stylists all the time and Melanie has a caring hand and a gentle touch.  This ability earns her well deserved respect in our community.  She is very friendly and it's fun to work with her.

Caitlin Dudar - Model (Plutino Group)

Working with Melanie is always a pleasure. She is fun to work with and extremely professional. Her makeup is clean and she knows how to highlight a models best features. As someone that still retouched his own photos, Melanie's makeup makes my job that much easier. I'm proud to have her on my team and I could not create the work I do without her.

Anthony Turano, Photographer

Melanie is both professional and also personable to work with. I've enjoyed our opportunities to collaborate and appreciate her creative energy and natural talent. I wish her all the best!

Amber Watkins, Fashion Designer

I have been modeling for over five years now and have worked with numerous different artists. I really enjoy working with Melanie and have worked with her on many occasions. I have even chosen to work her when being asked to pick a make up artist in Toronto. I find that she has a great attitude and is super fun to work with. She knows exactly how to countour your face and use colors that are appropriate for your skin type. Personally I am from an Indian origin and I found that Melanie was able to use her make up to really emphasize my features. She is also incredibly creative and always thinks outside the box. She is truly an artist!!!.

Amiirah A - Model (AMTI)


Melanie is one of the hardest working people I know. Working with her was one of the best experiences I've had. Her passion for the makeup she produces is obviously noticeable through all the work she has done. She took the time to teach me a few things & mentor me which I'm very grateful for. Watching her work, seeing the different looks she has done & looking flawless while she does it, has inspired me to become a makeup artist like herself. 

Angela Rescendes - Apprentice Makeup Artist

Melanie is a wonderful young woman whom is extremely passionate about her career that she takes very seriously! She's very talented and creative, when she's in her element. With my shoot in Miami for Venao Swimwear she did amazing job at creating several looks. Melanie started with light makeup and hair styles taking them to very sharp and sexy night looks. Her energy is very light and inviting, which makes it easy and pleasant to be around. She's amazing person whom you will love to work with and admire the work she will create for you. 
Tetiana Paratchuk
Co-founder/Designer Venao Swimwear


Melanie was a joy to work with during a photo-shoot for Hillary MacMillan. When getting called out to shoots you never know what type of ego you will have to deal with. When working with Melanie, not only does she brainstorm ideas on how to make the shoot as successful as possible, she also has no issues holding a light or helping a model tie a shoe. I had a blast working with Melanie and learned so much from her about the different types of make up in her kit she used. It is refreshing and motivating to see a girl at her age so dedicated and so talented in her field. She has a bright future ahead of her! 

Meliha Odzackic -Moroccanoil Brand Manager, CanRad Beauty

Had an amazing experience working with the gorgeous and very talented Melanie. I recommend her to anyone looking for awesome creative photos. Not only is she a gifted makeup artist but she is also an amazing photographer and very sweet. 
Ihuoma Onyegbula

Melanie is amazingly talented!! I worked with her on the Campaign We did it! A charity fashion show for Canadian Red Cross (I was the photographer/creative director, she was the make up artist), and she did outstanding work. Requiring little direction, she was able to create to die for looks that exceeded my expectations! And not only is she talented, she is a sweetheart and always such a pleasure to work with, which goes a long way in this industry. If you want amazing work, hire this amazing artist!

Katia Pershin, Photographer

I’m a model who gladly had the chance of working with Melanie multiple times. She
is the best makeup artist I have worked with; she has extraordinary talent especially when we did a creative shoot together, which was one of my favourite photo shoots i’ve done. Not only is Melanie talented but she is like a ray of sunshine, that sounds cheesy but she is the kindest, happiest and a very professional woman in the industry.

Haley Lorenz -Model

I worked with Mel a few years ago at Sears. I quickly learned that she doesn't let anyone tell her she can't do something. She's such a hard worker and lets her passion for makeup show through all her work. When I talk to Mel about makeup, she gets really excited and makes me get excited as well. It's so clear that this is what she loves to do and I am very lucky to have met this beautiful woman because she's such an inspiration.

TT, Makeup Artist M.A.C


[Mel] and I had the opportunity to work together when I ran the team of artists for the Ryerson University Rock Opera in 2013. We had over a hundred performers to make stage ready and 16 makeup artists of varying skillsets. 

I bonded with [Mel] immediately and knew that I could trust her to get the job done right. She was not only incredibly personable, but fast, diligent, and mega-talented.

I love watching the work she comes out with and can't wait to work together again, she has a bright future ahead!

- Kasia Wiszomirski, Founder and Makeup Artist, Armor+Adorn

Not only is Melanie professional, but she's a pleasure to work with! She has a creative mind and has the skills to follow through on her ideas. She was able to come up with great ideas on the spot, and I think that adaptability shows just how skillful she is. She is great at what she does and I think she will do well in her career.

Josephine Walters, Model for The shopping channel


Melanie is always a pleasure to work with. She has an unmatched talent in this industry and consistently creates beautiful, stunning work. I wish she did my makeup every day!

Veronique D'Aoust, Model and Fashion Blogger


Every time that I work with Melanie she consistently brings a high level of creativity and attention to detail. She is an extremely talented make-up artist and her artistic skills are a tremendous asset on our projects. I highly recommend Melanie, as I believe she is one of the top make-up artists with whom I have worked with.

Gary Black, Photographer


I loved working with the talented Melanie! Full of energy and creativity, his presence is definitely a "plus" to the photo shoot.

Lany Simard, Assistant Photographer


As a model it's really important to have someone who's knowledgable and caring working on your face. Not only was Melanie hilarious and bubbly with personality, but she was clean and organized. Always gentle with her products and makeup application, and knew her products well. Once I was ready for camera my makeup was on point and stunning!! Thanks Mel! 



I have known melanie for a few years now, not only on a personal level but I have seen her flourish professionally, so when it came time for my wedding it was an obvious choice as to whom I should trust to make me look my best. Melanie is a highly professional, energetic, artistic, beautiful, enthusiastic person and no matter what type of event it should be an obvious choice. 

Ashlea Percival


Melanie Viger is a talented makeup artist/ hairstylist passionate about her work, efficient and memorable due to her great personality.
Joanna Lakoura


I have known Melaine for two years now on a professional and personal level. 

Melaine and I met when I was working at Sears, and she worked for me as a beauty advisor for Guerlain and multiple other counters.

Melaine is a highly motivated and qualified professional with experience in all aspects of beauty including presentation, quality, sales, operational, and client needs. 

I was able to see this throughout the year of my dealings with her at Sears. She has accommodated me outside the required necessities of a typical Beauty advisor. She took it upon her self to help me better myself. To show me that beauty is from the inside out and if you feel beautiful then you show beauty. 

She has taken into consideration my needs as a person and has numerously excelled in helping me resolve any issue which have arisen in beauty. 

Melaine has been the key person i reach out to when i need advice for skin care and makeup. Without her exceptional advice and customer service I wouldn't have taken the time to better myself and gain the confidence i have over the years. 

Melaine has a unique ability to work in the space between beauty, sales and customer services. Ive seen her not only put my beauty needs into consideration but also any client I've seen her interact with. 

From what I observed in Sears is that she works well with all team members and her staff and clients respect her. 

Melaine has earned my loyalty as a client due to her ability to be a strategist, her attention to detail and her creativity. She truly has a strong understanding of the beauty business. I would highly recommend Melaine. 

Nathalie Salhani, Cosmetic Manager